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How We’re Responding to Covid-19

we have made the decision to operate at
25% capacity

Again, the care and safety of our guest is our number one priority. We have made the decision to limit our capacity to 25%. When this changes, we will let you all know by posting on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and we will also update the information on our website.

we clean our water 3 times per hour.

Yep, the state of Texas requirement is that we clean the water in our tank 1 time per hour – but, uh, that’s not good enough for us. Therefore, we have put our filtration system to work by tripling the state’s requirement. That’s right, meaning we clean the water in our tank 3 times per hour. This is another requirement our fantastic crew (and our filtration system) is continuing to knock out of the (water) park!

The State Requires 1 Secondary Sanitation System…
we have 3 secondary sanitation systems.

The state has guidelines that our business must follow. Now, we could be doing only what they require of us, but, that’s just not not how we roll. You see, the state requires us to have one secondary sanitation system. We meet that requirement…and then some. To the tune of having three secondary sanitation systems! Know what that means? It means that all THREE of our systems work together to take out any organic material. And, our newest system, it is truly state of the art and something we made sure was ready to go prior to re-opening our doors. We couldn’t be more impressed with the job it is doing – it’s a beast, y’all!

When you think of all the work those three sanitation systems are doing to keep the water clean…and then consider the thousands of gallons of chlorinated water (per minute) flowing over our surfaces and sanitizing everything it touches, surely you realize that, simply put…that’s some really clean water. Let’s not stop there, because there is more that we are doing to give you peace of mind.

our AIR system
cleans the air every 10 minutes.

Yep, the air in the Splash shack is cleaned every 10 minutes...or less!

Distant Socializing or Middle School Dance Distance, However You Say It…
you’re set up for social distancing

To ensure that guests are practicing social distancing, we have limited our seating and keep your family at the recommended distance from other guests. In addition to that, in some areas of the shack we have lil’ circle decals on the floor with the message, “Hey There, Skipper…Feet on the Flippers”. The decals are complete with an image of flippers that guide kiddos feet to where they need to be. Call it a fun, friendly way to keep our little (or grown!) guest at a social distance.

The Splash Shack Crew is
screened prior to entering the shack

Let’s talk about what we are doing with our crew at the shack! All team members are screened for symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.) prior to entering the building and not allowed inside if they display symptoms or if they do not pass the CDC’s guidelines.

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