Got Questions? We Got ‘Da Answers

  • Swimsuit, Towels, maybe dry clothes and an appetite for fun.
  • To help us maintain a healthy, clean and safe space we ask that you limit your personal items to 1 bag per family
  • As a reminder Splash Shack is an indoor kids water park with lots of water. We strongly encourage you to leave large electronic devices such as laptops at home. If you choose to bring any type of electronic device into the water park Splash Shack will not be responsible for any damages that might occur to these devices. For a list of prohibited items please click HERE

  • At this time strollers will not be permitted.
  • Yes. Not drenched but it is a wet environment. Everyone might get wet even if you aren’t getting on the slides. The temperature in the building is set 82 degrees so that it is warm for wet bodies – if you are not getting wet please keep this in mind that you will be warm and humid. On our “beach” we have colorful Adirondack chairs for you to sit in.
  • To aid in safe traffic flow we have placed our chairs in small groupings and spaced the chairs apart and in groups of two.

Please do not move the chairs, if you need more seating for your group please just occupy available nearby seating.

  • *There is no time limit on your play time for the date of purchase

*We are currently operating at 50% occupancy – *we reserve the right to limit your play time if necessary for occupancy safety and to allow others to enjoy time at our facility without a reduction in admission.

  • As a reminder this is a “Family Facility” we designed our experience towards kids typically 10 years and younger to enjoy with their families.
  • Our water adventure requires all kids under the age of 15 to be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No re-entry your ticket is only valid for a one-time admission per day.
  • Please speak to a Manger on Duty during your visit if you need to exit our facility for any reason.
  • We have 5 individual family style restrooms that can used to change your clothes. We also have 2 dedicated changing rooms and 2 open showers to rinse off. We encourage you to come ready to play as you will get wet.
  • We do our best to keep our indoor air temperature in the splash area is 82 degrees year round – it might be cold outside, but you will want to dress accordingly once inside the park (layer, change of clothes etc…) We encourage all visitors to wear comfortable summer attire while in the Splash Shack so they can enjoy the summer climate inside.
  • Although designed with kids in mind you and your kids will find lots of fun together on our 8,000 square foot play structure with 6 large slides and 2 small slides, tipping buckets, a large dump bucket and a splash pad for smaller kids to enjoy with you.
  • For the safety of all sliders – we follow our slide manufacture height guidelines. The minimum rider height for our slides is 36″. The height restrictions only apply to the slides. Our slide structure, however, has no height restriction to be on it. Additionally, we have set aside an area just for little’s 36″ and smaller to enjoy. As a reminder, all kids under 36″ must be accompanied by an adult 18 and older at all times and in all areas of the shack.
  • Little Surfers will be measured at check-in and will be given a wristband to wear so that staff can identify rider heights. Signs are posted on all slides designated which heights can safely ride each slide.
  • For the safety of all riders must ride the slide on their own. Manufacturer guidelines have set the maximum weight for each rider at 250lbs.
  • Water shoes and goggles are allowed to be worn around the park. They may NOT be worn on any of the rides: Water shoes and goggle head strap can cause unwanted friction against the rider and the slide that could result in injury to the rider. Please do as the lifeguards ask.
  • The Splash Shack does not allow outside food and/or drink. The Snack Shack, our very own snack bar, has a wide variety of pre-packaged snacks and drinks, many gluten-free, milk and nut free options (prices vary from $1 – $3 tax included) pizza can also be ordered at our facility. We also have water fountains available.
  • If you have booked a party or a private event with us – please see your booking details regarding outside food and beverages.
  • We love our animals, but no pets are allowed inside Splash Shack. Animals of any kind (e.g., dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, lizards, snakes, pigs, hamsters, turtles, birds, tarantulas, rats, mice, monkeys, ferrets, mini-horses, etc.) are not allowed in the park, except for legally-defined service dogs or as may otherwise be required by law to assist those with disabilities (“disabilities” being defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act or other applicable laws). If you claim to have a legally qualifying “service dog” you will be required to verify its legitimacy. A “service animal” is defined by law, and not by a person’s personal desires. For example, a “companion” animal, or an animal that brings “emotional comfort,” or a dog, which serves as “personal security,” does not qualify as a legal “service animal.” Even if a “service animal” is verified, and allowed to enter the park, please be aware that you are still responsible for controlling it at all times. A service animal is also prohibited from all rides because rides are built for people, and because animals cannot be safely contained or restrained on amusement rides, they would thereby pose a serious safety hazard. Animals are also prohibited from going into any water , because of hygiene concerns, in addition to safety concerns. Please understand that we may require removal of your service animal from park property if it poses a threat to persons or property, including without limitation, if it is unruly, threatening, aggressive (barking, snarling, biting at patrons, etc.) and/or if you are unable to always control your animal. You must make sure that your service animal has gone to the bathroom before coming to the park. It is prohibited to leave animals in a car while patrons enjoy the Park; in such event, animal control (or other government authority) may be called, and your car forcibly entered, to attend to the health or safety needs of an animal. You will have to pay all such costs involved in the rescue of any pet left in a car and may face animal cruelty charges from local authorities.


We are 1.5 miles away from 183A, just off of West New Hope Drive and Bagdad Road.


Wed-Sat: 10AM-6PM
Sun: 12PM-6PM

Private rentals are available
7 days a week.

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